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Columbia Drag Boat Association
2012 - 2013 President’s Message's Page


Congratulations to all the class winners! Since the LODBRS rules meeting (minor changes announced at banquet) was in Chandler, a trip to the finals was in order. There isn’t really anything I can add about finals that you all don’t already know. I am glad that everyone will be back again to race another day. One of the great things I noticed was the CDBA shirts being worn by Lucas racers who have made the trip to our neck of the woods.

The location for the Ball and those running for Board positions will be announced soon. I do not know all the particulars yet. Election Ballots will be forthcoming.

It was announced at the last race that Jim Brown resigned as Secretary. He was more than happy to fill a key role for two years. He has more board experience than most of us. We appreciate the time he continues to invest with us. He has never missed a Board Meeting away from the track. His passion, however, is in crewing for Al Zemke. Speaking of Al, his elected position will come to an end at the banquet. He has also contributed many good things to our association. The entire "Game Changer" team wants to focus on their outstanding racing program.

Jim Brown is still our Advertising Manager and Al will remain the Chairman of the Financial Committee. It was also announced that Jessica Haavisto was appointed, by the board, to fill the remaining term of Secretary.

At this time the Columbia Drag Boat Association has an outstanding opportunity to spearhead racing back at Chowchilla. We had a meeting with Chowchilla officials on the way home from finals. I have little doubt that this would be a positive event for us in general and west coast drag boat racing collectively. T-shirt sales alone should be impressive. We have the support of LODBRS. It is up to us and the ball is in our court. There are many details to finalize if we do this. It goes without saying that there will be a business plan and a contract.

I spoke with Dwight last night and he suggested an ad in Drag Boat Review to see how much support there is actually out there for this. Good idea.

If we are going to do this we have to start on infrastructure now. The tentative dates are June 20-21-22, 2014. It will affect our schedule. There will be Test-N-Tune and 1000’ & ¼ mile tracks. We are thinking payouts for winner & runner up in all classes.

Please contact me at 541-923-2323 and let me know your thoughts. As always, I will make every effort toward the continued the success of CDBA and all the members!



The "Northwet" Nationals

Wow. What a weekend. I want to thank everyone who stayed around to manage and participate. Most comments I heard Friday night were pointing to cancelling altogether. We were able to set-up and tear down in bad weather because of our dedicated members. This one will be talked about for years to come!
There have been several discussions about possible class payouts if we could afford them. I think racing for half price works out as a payout of sorts. We will definitely lose money on three races this year. We still have a bit in the bank after all the bills are paid. Most everyone had a good time this season. There are a few racers participating in upcoming co-sanctioned events.
Saturday night was a total blast! Kudos to Garage Motorsports for taking the lead on the outstanding potluck feast.
Since we were not able to accomplish the meeting, nominations will be done by mail. I have already received several verbal and electronic ones to run again and I will respectfully accept when the time comes. We will be posting members nominated for positions on the Web & FB pages and for proper updates and instructions as well.
Board and committee members still have several hours of work ahead. We also need a consensus from everyone about what part of the state to have the Ball. More on that later.
So, in review. CDBA members and guests had fun racing drag boats all season. The cash position is a positive one. A great party coming up that will be upon us sooner than later. Racing starts up again in less than eight months. What more could one want?

Andy Haavisto,

Hello CDBA members,

 27 boats were registered at Lakeside.
The weather was nothing less than perfect with little, if any, morning fog.
Those not attending missed a great weekend!

 “SuperE” is the biggest class at our events.
While sometimes challenging for the Timing Tower and racers running two classes,
it does well to fill the show. The payout helps a little too!

 Ginger and I had an hour and a half meeting with the new mayor of Lakeside.
We talked about many things having to do with the town………..and CDBA.
Very positive with wanting to grow the weekend racing event. Many ideas.
A high level of excitement. More to come about that later.

 At this point in time we will be formatting a Shaft with combined Lakeside and Haystack coverage. We now have to print at least 100 copies to keep up with the growing membership roster.

 There are a couple of sections in the Rule Book that should be known by all.
Please find sections

 7.7.15 Grounds For Elimination                                               7.7.16 Grounds For Disqualification

 These sections are not very long. Please do not refer to anything but the 2013 Lucas Oil Rule Book. It is on this web site. Each and every one of us can do a better job of communication.
I mean every one of us. If instructions are given to a driver by an official, please do not deviate from those instructions. If there must be a change then make sure that the changes are acknowledged before any run is made. Many negative feelings can be avoided with communication.

 We are six short weeks away from the Nomination Meeting at Dexter. Please remember that you must be a CDBA member to make or accept a nomination to the Board of Directors. In addition, any member nominated to the positions of Commodore or Vice Commodore must have previous CDBA board experience. Nominations for Treasurer must be familiar with Quickbooks. All must be able to work in a team atmosphere.
Positions up for nomination are:

 Commodore held by      Andy Haavisto                    Treasurer held by       Debi Julius

 Director held by       Al Zemke                                Director held by   John Loshbaugh

 Please participate and exercise your voting privileges. This may be a topic of discussion again.

See you at Haystack!

Hello everyone!

 The first race of the season was a success. More teams showed up for this race than last June. We have several new drivers on the hook, as well as a few “old” ones! The Saturday issues were dealt with and Sunday turned out to be a great day of racing. Even with a low boat count we ran until 4:45 PM. Thirty or so boats seem to be the new normal for non co-sanctioned Dexter events. We have another new, and extremely happy, PWC competitor in our ranks as well.

 There seems to be a lot of interest for the upcoming Bi-Mart Summer Clash .Space will be at a premium. Controls on camping and pitting will be enforced and adhered to. CDBA Officials have the final say on all things at a racing event. Please help us do the job we were elected to do. The Columbia Drag Boat Association must be a viable entity so we can ALL  continue to participate at racing events.

 Please remember that Oregon State Parks is changing the way we pay for the use of the park. We now have to monitor by a head count. While there is no charge for entry to the park after hours, you will be monitored. Every person coming in the gate will either have a paid admission, or for after hours individuals, be on a sign-in sheet with the vehicles license number and the time you arrived recorded. I apologize for any stressful situations as a result of the gate.

 After hours individuals still on site in the morning will be charged at that time. You must have credentials during operations. No Parking pass swapping. No exceptions. It is always the abuse of a few that leads to tighter controls. Please help Security personnel with their job concerning this matter. It would be a good problem to have if we were running out of pit space in July. The owners of any vehicles that may need to be moved will incur the total cost of that movement if you cannot be located. A site map of Dexter, though not complete or to scale, will be posted soon to assist with designated parking and traffic flow.

 I cannot stress the importance of this issue. I need a boat count for Lakeside. Will you please confirm a racing attendance with me or Debi. Please tell us about Haystack as well. I' am sure that most of you are aware of the races in Bakersfield and San Diego that have been cancelled this year. San Diego was moved to Chandler. There was no Test-N-Tune at the Can Am Challenge because of a lack of commitment. I already know of some teams not making the tow to Lakeside this year that normally attend. Race weekend is 54 days away as of this writing. All permits and insurance certificates are in place.

 All the individuals who make up the working group at the races, as well as the group that handles all the business tasks away from the race site, cannot be thanked enough. An appreciative comment or handshake goes along way. Thanks to all those participating in shows to help get our message out.

 July should be a fun filled three race day event! See you in two weeks.


Ok Road update for CDBA folks If you travel hwy 58
The road will be this way till at least Oct.
we called talked to a real person this is still up to date .
thank you safe travels everyone
Construction and Closure Schedule
Lane restrictions and nighttime closures at the OR 58:
Salt Creek Tunnel are now underway, as the project begins its second season.
Until mid-October, 2013 motorists should plan for the following impacts to traffic:
Nighttime highway closures
Monday-Thursday, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Open to a single lane of travel weekdays
Monday-Thursday from 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Open to a single lane of travel, day and night on weekends
Friday at 6 a.m. until Monday at 8 p.m.
Pilot cars will escort motorists
Expect 20 minute delays
Oakridge will always be open for business from the west
Crescent Lake and Willamette Pass will always be open for business from the east
Alternate Route Information
During nighttime highway closures, motorists, other than freight haulers, have several alternate routes for travel from Eastern and Central Oregon to the Interstate 5 corridor.
In Southern Oregon-OR 140
In Central Oregon-US 20/OR 126
In North Central Oregon-US 26


President’s  Message
5 days to Dexter

The 2013 season is upon us! Congratulations to all the Champions and recipients of Special Awards at the banquet in February. It is good that the calendar project closed on a positive note. There is no CDBA calendar in the works at this time.
The next one will be accomplished with a committee manager.

The 2005 and earlier “Rookie of the Year” revolving plaque and the Jim Backus revolving trophy are missing. If anyone has knowledge about these we would appreciate it if these awards were forwarded  to us so they can be updated and placed in their new homes.

Jim Brown is now our Advertising Manager. Jim & Jessica are sorting out their responsibilities. Bi-Mart and several other sponsors are still on board with us this season. Rick Coffman is still covering the Best Reaction Time and Outstanding Race Team Plaques. John and Raande Loshbaugh have picked up a trophy sponsorship.
Thanks to them all! 

LODBRS made good on the promise of having an event at Irvine in May.
It should get better each year.

 Please remember that all individuals must wear a PFD while on the water. This is in compliance with our permit from the Oregon State Marine Board.

 If you plan on driving in a licensed class, you must have at least a DOT physical first.
No exceptions. Please bring all your credentials.

 To our traveling members. Please be sure you have all the proper driver credentials when you attend LODBRS races out of state. It helps with the registration process. Please remember to affix  a “C”, a minimum of 1 and 1/2 inches tall, after the boat number and the same color as the number, to let the starter know you are a CDBA member.
Please refer to 8.9 in 2013 LODBRS rule book.

 The 2006 Bylaws from our attorney are going through the updating process now. They will be complete this year. Fingers crossed. Everything approved by the membership since 2009 as well as the sections defined by your Board of Directors will be included.
Everyone would do well to read section 4.1 of the current 2006 bylaws, in addition to the ones they are passionate about.

 We will have to keep track of all the people at Dexter with a different system now. Please help the registration officials accomplish this. Certain members seem to think our racing events are for them to personally involve all of us in their drama.
We are not private event coordinators.
There is no free admission for private events
which need Board approval before they even happen.

 I would again like to thank the Board Members and their families, the racing event staff and families, for the continuous financial contribution and all the un-measureable time and effort it takes to keep the CDBA operational. This large group of individuals, along with all the racers and crews, spectators and vendors, keep our passion alive!

President’s May  Message

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                       

For those interested, there is a board meeting 12:00 noon Saturday, May 11, at the Round Table Pizza in Springfield.
There will be several members at Boatniks again this year. This will be one of the topics of discussion.
We have ordered a substantial number of shirts. We will have some crew neck sweatshirts available now.
There will be a Show & Shine, Sunday, June 9th at Anderson Brothers. Patrick McTevia is looking for participants. Jim Brown is handling advertising. Please direct inquires to those two.  
Jim Brown is also the “Advertising Manager” for the association. Jim and Jessica are working together.
Please remember that we have registration protocols established. We would appreciate it if you do your best to comply with these. ALL questions concerning the registration process are asked and answered via registration personnel. They work closely with Tech.
We are five short weeks away from our first race. There has not been enough interest generated to have a Friday Test-N-Tune for the June race.
There is no Friday Test-N-Tune for the first race.
 I have only spoken with very few racers with an interest. We spoke about this at the General Meeting. We need at least 30 boats pre-registered to make this happen. The list I have is very short.
Let’s wait and see what the participation looks like Saturday morning to help make decisions as to how the program will be ran throughout the weekend. Multiple passes no doubt.
The 1000 foot track is operational. I have also heard some interest concerning this from a few drivers. QE is a Lucas class this year. NJBA and Lucas Division 1 at the July race. This will be a 3 day event.

 I am taking a personal survey concerning Chowchilla. If this sparks some interest,
please call.

Marketing Director introduction letter

President’s March Message

The Banquet turned another profit this year. All those in attendance made this possible. 130 meals served. It was good to see the Tar Baby III team looking good. Lynn & Theo’s Honorary Membership was emotional to say the least. I know there are others out there with this type of membership. Let’s search our internal hard drives and update this very important roster.

Congratulations to all the Champions and recipients of Special Awards. Several members worked very hard to assure a good time was had by all. In the future, please take note of your dinner ticket and the table assignment. It looked very good on paper. Your RSVP really helps with your seat placement.

The next CDBA event will be Capsule Certification. The date and time is listed on this site. Steve wants to familiarize a few open boat drivers with the Safety/Rescue team. I think I will be the first in the pool for this. There will most likely be a board meeting in April, TBA.
This season we need to concentrate on maintaining and increasing the boat and spectator count at all of the races. There was a lot of conversation concerning the Lakeside and Haystack races. There will be a telephone survey inquiring about your participation at all 5 of our events. Please be thinking about your responses. 

We have seen that we can break even with 28 boats at Dexter and Lakeside. This is only if we have no fee increases of any kind applied to our overhead. Haystack seems to be recovering. I have been through several years of past minutes and many of them point to possible repercussions if we do not have at least 40 boats at Lakeside and Haystack.

Thank you Liz and Jason for your donation. It is appreciated!

We are permitting the June race for a 3 day event. If at least 30 racers want to pre-register for a Test & Tune, it can happen. The drivers will decide this.  Start sending emails to the board members letting us know your desire for a 3 day event.

 Nobody even asked but there are no planned fee increases at all for any CDBA events this year. LODBRS has raised the fees by $50 to help cover costs.

It is amazing to witness all the individuals making any sort of contribution to the CDBA. The list on the inside of the banquet program keeps growing. I apologize for those names omitted. Greg McAnulty, Darrold Murphy, Richie & Loretta Graeff, Byan Lauber……….just to name a few more. We should probably just include the roster at next year’s banquet because we all count on each other to keep the Columbia Drag Boat Association moving forward.

 The 2005 and earlier “Rookie of the Year” revolving plaque and the Jim Backus revolving trophy are missing. If anyone has knowledge about these we would appreciate it if these  awards were forwarded  to us so they can be updated and placed in their new homes.

 We have a new Marketing Director in Jessica Haavisto this year. I have spoken with Bi-Mart and several other sponsors and they are still on board with us this season.

 Rick’s Welding and Fabrication  is sponsoring ”Best Race Team” & “Best Reaction Time”  yet again this year. Thank you Rick & Sandy Coffman.  

 Patrick McTevia is organizing a Show & Shine event for the weekend before the first Dexter race. He and Jim Brown are sorting out the logistics for this. 

 The coverage we are receiving in Drag Boat Review is great.  Many people across the country see what we are doing. The web site has received a lot of positive compliments as well.

 Here is a topic of conversation. We have the anchors sitting in the water at Haystack for the 1/8 mile and not yet put in place. What if we placed them at 1000 feet instead?  That would give us two 1000 foot tracks. Dexter and Haystack. This might allow us to run if it gets too windy for a ¼ mile. If so, it would be 340 feet further that running the 1/8 mile to finish a race. Should Haystack just be 1000 feet with the 1/8 mile? Either way, we need to finish the track. The ADBA track in Parker is 1000 foot. This is a Division 1 race.

 To our traveling members. Please be sure you have all the proper driver credentials when you attend races out of state. It helps with the registration process. Please remember to affix  a “C”, a minimum of 1 and 1/2 inches tall, after the boat number and the same color as the number, to let the starter know you are a CDBA member. Please refer to 8.9 in 2013 LODBRS rule book.

 I would again like to thank the Board Members and their families, the racing event staff and families, for the continuous financial contribution and all the un-measureable time and effort it takes to keep the CDBA operational. This large group of individuals, along with all the racers and crews, spectators and vendors keep our passion alive!   


Lynn Cortner Recovery Fundraiser 

There has been a lot of interest from people regarding helping with the expenses being incurred for Lynn’s recovery.  After talking with the family C.D.B.A. will host this fundraiser.  If you would like to help, you can send your monetary donation to:

Columbia Drag Boat Association

 17725 SE Foster Road

Damascus, OR  97089

Please make check payable to: C. D. B. A. and in the memo section write Lynn Cortner.  If you have any questions, please call Rhonda Anderson at

Thank you!

President’s  January  2013 Message
The first day of winter is one month past. The days are getting longer. I am one of those people who keep a very close eye on winters at the 45th parallel. We only have four months of it left in my neck of the woods.

 The big news is that Lynn Cortner is on the mend. Lynn and Theo are very appreciative of all the well wishes they have received. Over 150 cards and letters so far. There is pretty good evidence that Lynn himself, not the boat, broke the beam at the finish line at Firebird. He also broke out. He truly is the quickest man in the CDBA and can back it up with an ET slip! We will see them at the Banquet.

 We generated 1,064,061 hits on cdbaracing.com . The Graeff’s are doing a nice job with the site. We are working on updates and new features.

 The Banquet is only 25 days away as of this writing. Please RSVP for a head count. The dinners cost us a little money but we are trying to keep the costs the same. Lucas Oil representatives have already made reservations. It would be great if we all had something to contribute for raffle and auction items.

 The Board meeting will be an Executive Session this year. This means elected and appointed individuals, committee members, and liaisons. If anyone has something new to bring up, please present it at the General meeting. If there is something you feel strongly about then contact me or another board member to have it included in the agenda for either meeting. I am working on agendas now. I would like to change the time investment for the Board meeting. These should not be 3 hour marathon events.

The 2013 season is on track to be a repeat of 2012 so far as co-sanctioned races with Lucas Oil and NJBA. We have to keep the racers and spectators coming. We only had 15 CDBA racers do all 5 of our races. Total entries in 2012 were down 26 boats as compared to 2011.  It makes it difficult to pay the bills. Let’s hope that the boat count does not drop further. Racers get the most “bang for their buck” at our races.

President’s Message

I spoke with Theo and Ryan this morning. Lynn is on the mend. His ribs, scapula, arm and elbow are at the point that they will heal on their own. He has had the 1st surgery on his knee and will have another one in 10-14 days. We are assured he will make a full but slow recovery. He is one tough man. Theo really appreciates everybody’s thoughts and prayers. She asks that please, no photos of the crash or the aftermath be posted on line at this time. Let’s show how much we truly care for them and respect Theo’s wishes. Updates will be posted as needed.

Cards and well wishes may be sent to:      Lynn & Theo Cortner

                                                                          4050 East Paradise Lane

                                                                          Phoenix, AZ  85032
Andy H.

 For those interested, there is a board meeting Saturday, 12:00 noon at Roundtable Pizza in Springfield. There was nothing earth shattering at the Lucas Rules meeting. We were all treated exceptionally well.

 This will be the last board meeting this year. The Shaft will go in the mail soon. Points for the whole year included. Coverage of the finals and year in review should follow shortly. I will update this message after the meeting.

Andy H.

President’s October Message

Since the Northwest Nationals are a thing of the past, the 2012 racing season has come to a close for most CDBA members. We ran all day, both days. There was even time for the water ski shows. I saw smiles on everybody’s face while those were taking place. I had some doubts about the weather but that even worked out. It was good to see Lane and Tim and the side by side passes.  Drivers from Pro Mod to PWC put on a great show for the last race of our season. The “KING OF THE TRACK” final ended up being the fastest and the slowest racers from Haystack.

My idea of the best thing that happened was the fact that I was able to get on the water in 177X RR with my friends. Ginger sponsored my entry fees since she had the winning 50/50 ticket. I think I lost my seat in the tunnel boat at Haystack.
Unless there is some sort of a major upset, the points pages show us who the champions of each bracket are. There are still two races available for championship points, Bakersfield and Firebird. Remember, to qualify for a championship this year you must have participated in 4 CDBA races with a total of 5 races counting. This was voted in at the General Meeting.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the board members and all the individuals who helped make 2012 a successful season. The income level for this season is just a few dollars shy of what it was in 2008. Remember that 2008 is the first year we were able to have compiled numbers at our fingertips so to speak.

There were several race boats didn’t make it out to any of our races this year. The reasons for the absence of individual racers are many with the high prices of everything being the current culprit. I suppose we could roll back our prices to the level of which they were in 2008. If that were to happen I could pretty much guarantee the fact that I wouldn’t be posting many more of these messages because there wouldn’t be anything to write about.

We will visit pricing and have hard numbers at the General Meeting in February. It cost over $61,000 for expenses at the 5 races and I can tell you we have cut out as much as we can. Total expenses for the year are over $81,000. There were only 15 drivers who were at all 5 races.  We were profitable at all 3 Dexter races. The boat count was down 26 boats from last year with the 4 to1 ratio of “Super E” entries so far as entry money goes.

“Super E” put $2000 into the treasury. Round wins for this class are the bragging rights. 100 points per round. Check out all the names on the points sheet. 

Last year we experienced an $8229 accumulated loss for our 5 races with a $3000 net loss for the 2011 season. This year we have realized an $11,000 accumulated profit for our 5 races with a Year To Date profit so far for 2012 of $21,400. That profit has allowed us to purchase, repair, and upgrade over $12,000 worth of equipment this season. There are just a few bills left to pay so the numbers are going to change some. We have some money in the bank. I would like to see a bit more of a reserve.

There is nothing we can do about the cost of fuel or food so if anyone has an idea about relieving some of the costs off the backs of the racers, I’m all ears. The affiliation with LODBRS, NJBA, and non CDBA members has kept us alive. We should do a 50/50 at all races. Hand delivery of “The Shaft” saved a few hundred dollars in postage. We may have to get Ginger a paper bike donated.

The meeting with LODBRS is a week away. Bakersfield is the weekend after and Firebird is the 1st weekend in November. Ballots will be going out after Firebird. The awards Banquet will be at the Keizer Inn around the 3rd weekend in February. The date will be on line when we get confirmation. Believe it or not we have had over 850,000 hits on cdbaracing.comWith those kind of numbers, we should be able to generate some money selling product online. We will have time to work on that project now.

I am honored to have helped get things moving in what many believe is the right direction for the continued success of our association. Work will be continuing throughout this year and the next to stay ahead of the gremlins.

Andy Haavisto

President’s Haystack Message
Here we go again. Not one delay because of timing equipment. We had a low boat count and had to call the race because of wind. I told everyone at awards the wind was going to stop. It did. I called PE to the lanes with “King Of The Track” to follow at around 6:20 p.m. Nobody made the call!  We will run “King Of The Track” Saturday at Dexter.
We grossed $1224 more this year that we did in 2011.  All of the bills have not come in yet so numbers will be available by Dexter. We are in the red a few thousand dollars at this race. We are still profitable though.  The CDBA has already made more income so far this year, than all of last year. Over $95,000 with one race to go!!!
A fantastic job was done by all for setup and tear down. The more of us that help, the faster it goes. I really appreciate all of you who stay for awards. The trophy girl should have shaved though.
The PremierWest Bank people are very happy. At this point they are in for next year. Shayne Burton made a very nice $450 donation for this race. Thank you Shayne.
Please direct any questions about the Official Error that occurred concerning the race radios to me. Remember, I do not Facebook.
Here are some numbers. Last year at this time we had 139 Race Entries. So far this year we stand at 137 Race Entries. There have been 32 Entries into “Super E”. Because of the cost to enter ”Super E” and the 50% payout factor, those 32 Race Entries equal about 8 regular Race Entries. So we are actually ahead of last year by 6 boats.
I think Dexter is going to be one for the books.  Remember, nominations for board positions Saturday night. You must be a member to make or accept a  nomination. We have a lot of momentum. Personally, I would like to keep this board intact for next season. See you there.

Andy H.

President’s August Message

We should all be very happy with the way Lakeside went. 26 boats, 1 PWC and 11 “Super E” entries. We most likely would have had a better spectator count if the sun had been out all weekend. We went into the red about $500 dollars. We can live with that. Thanks to everybody for a great event. I can’t remember the last time there were so many people at the awards presentation. I think there may have been a record set for clean up as well. Equipment started to move back to the valley at 6:45 p.m.

Debi asked if we could turn the trailer so those working could see the action. A further benefit was the fact that people didn’t have the sun in their eyes during award pictures. Greg McAnulty made a suggestion that all those getting tossed in the drink do it at the same time at the end. We did that at the July Dexter. It does save time and make for more group fun.

The water level was not changing constantly. Isn’t it nice that we didn’t have one delay because of the timing system……..All weekend. When was the last time that happened? Go to KCBY.com  for all the coverage.

A couple of things about Haystack. We are at a Level 3 Fire Danger. No open fire burning. Propane appliances are OK. It has always been in our contract for each team to have an axe, shovel and a 5 gallon bucket on hand. Please try and have the things when you get here. It was said at Lakeside, there will be free camping for CDBA members at the South Shore Campground.  As with Dexter, you must be a CDBA member and register to camp. A Camping Membership  is  $15 if you are not already a member. Please go to the registration trailer.

Our contract is from Friday to Monday. If we try and park before Friday they are asking for a $5.00 per vehicle charge.  This just came down from the supervisor of AuDi. As soon as we can get in is 12:00 Noon Thursday. This contract has just been renewed for four years. This is a very nominal charge since we are working with the US Department Of The Interior.

The Show-N-Shine starts at the Pump House at 2:00 p.m. Friday. ODFW will have personnel for Aquatic Invasive Species education on site. We have boats at PremierWest Bank in Bend and Redmond on Wednesday. They are advertising on four different radio stations for us and are having a company picnic  at the track Sunday.

Bring your “A” game Haystack. Double points and the new King Of The Track shootout. So far the “Super E” has generated $1170 for the association.

Andy H.

Lakeside and Haystack events will be double points. This was passed at the May 12th board meeting.  I would like to start a list of those coming to our events. Will you please send me an e-mail specifying which races you think you might be attending. We are offering a $25 discount for early registration if it is received at least 10 days prior to the event. Registration form should be on line soon. You can also call to confirm. There may be a Bi-Mart Shown & Shine in Springfield before the first race. Keep checking the web site. Divers  and crew will be at Dexter June 2nd for track upgrade.

For the last couple of years we have been dealing with the ODFW and the Invasive Species inspections for boaters.  We made a very good impression at the Pump House Show & Shine. There is nothing written in stone about competition boats but you are required to stop at inspection stations if you have a boat in tow and you are bringing it in to Oregon. If you are hauling an enclosed trailer and do not stop, the workers manning the station are authorized the have you pulled over and you can be ticked. Several racers have already been through inspection stations at the Arizona border and have an inspection certificate. Even though our boats are clean, let’s help these people do their jobs. Invite them to our races.  

To all board members we will be having a Member meeting at each race. The October Board meeting will be in Redmond.  
At this time, the participation at Lakeside and Haystack needs some serious consideration. The communities support us. PremierWest Bank, based out of Medford, is on board this season as a trophy sponsor and a lane sponsor at Haystack. The district Manager is very motivated. They will be having their company picnic at Haystack.
The March meeting was well attended. Come one, come all. Having to look for a larger meeting room would be a good problem. Let’s take care of task management for the Can Am Challenge. By meeting time, may know when the dive crew will be able to set the 1000 foot at Dexter and schedule a work weekend. The first two races are Lucas Division 1 events. July is NJBA. The more of us that get involved with operations, the less each of us has to do.

We are all part of the CDBA. The Board meetings will always close with a discussion of current topics of interest.  If there is something in need of conversation then please bring it to my attention before the meeting.

    Important Announcement:  Radio receivers for drivers have been a required piece of racing/safety equipment since 2010.

Effective immediately, no drivers will be allowed to run without a functioning radio receiver. If you will not be racing at Lakeside and are willing to “Loan” your radio to a driver, please contact CDBA Secretary

If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the Columbia Drag Boat Association officers via this website.

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