To all Racers:
Please bring all credentials, including driver’s licenses and/or DOT or higher physical forms and Medical Tags to Registration.
Please be sure to bring your “RACECEIVER” scanner. This is your responsibility. We do not have any rentals. You may purchase new or upgrade your old one online. Please contact them for your application.
Fusion Plus
Fusion Plus Upgrade

Message from the Commodore;

I would like to take a minute to thank the following people for their help with the timing system.
We trie
d something new and set up a much shorter course to test the system on land.
It worke
d beautifully.
you to Mike Grover, Linda McAnulty, Bob Harris, Patty Peterson, and Skip Hruby.
cial thanks to Rick Coffman and Pete Collett whose names were used in vain while Bob and Skip ran as them through the course. (Bob) Rick Coffman won with a quicker ET and better reaction time. And finally, a thank you to Cherri’s parents, Jim and Betty Jo Cheshire, who currently have the equipment at their home in Jasper and let us set up a race boat course in their drive way.


See you all soon,
Joe Willis

Our First race is fast approaching and in keeping up with the ever increasing cost of promoting an event and providing safety (security) and Rescue (ambulance with paramedics on standby) our registration fees this year will reflect some of these increased costs to the association.
It is more important now than ever to pre-register for each race.
As always, there will be a $25 discount for pre-registering.
Only those who have pre-registered will be allowed in the park on Thursday after 12:00 noon.

will be no saving spots if you have not pre-registered. Anyone who made special arrangements with myself or Mike Grover to set up the park will be allowed in on Thursday.
For non-registered teams, you will be able to pit at 8:00 AM on Friday.

for the weekend’s events will be posted on Facebook and our CDBA website soon.

If you have questions, please contact me.
Thank you

Joe Willis Commodore

Columbia Drag Boat Association

-Effective Immediately-

The CDBA Race Registration Forms

have a new address for pre-registration.

They should be sent to:


2476 Otto Street

Springfield, OR 97477

(They will be going to Cherri Willis-541-521-7251)


Information, for upcoming events with the C.D.B.A.

Pre-Registration – Must be received 7 days prior to the event.

(Forms are available to print off on

Pre-Registration – Pitting begins on Thursday at noon.  (Must be pre-registered to pit on Thursday) NO EXCEPTIONS!

All others – (Non Pre-registered) Gates open Friday at 8:00 am for pitting.

Racers competing in a licensed class must present a current competition license at registration.  If your license has expired, bring a current physical to renew.

All racers must present their membership card at registration.

Participants must follow CDBA/LODBRS & OSPR rules and respect all volunteers or risk being disqualified.  Driver/Owner is responsible for crew members.
If you have questions, please call a board member.

Contact us
Special Thanks to CDBA rescue
and Eugene Skin Divers!

1090 West 6th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402
(541) 342-2351 fax: (541) 342-5706

Ballots are in and the votes are counted!

Your 2018 Board of Directors


Commodore, Joe Willis

Vice Commodore, Mike Grover

Secretary, Raande Loshbaugh

Treasurer, Debi Julius

Membership Chairperson, Cherri Willis

Board Members:

Rick Coffman

Rob Temple

Skip Hruby

Darreld Murphy

Safety Director:

Steve Ziebert

Race Director:

Dwight Timm

To the Membership of Columbia Drag boat Association

We, as the board, hope that everyone had a productive off season and are looking forward to having a great year, and a lot of fun.

There is something that we need to ask of the membership.

We need volunteers. We are shorthanded on Safety Rescue and need at the very least 6 people to help. We need two, to operate the boats, and four to be deckhands. This will help to ensure your safety and allow us to operate under the standards that you have all become accustom to in the previous years.

If there is anyone you know that could volunteer to help us out, and commit to the 4 races this year, PLEASE have them contact either Mike Grover (541-643-6726) or Steve Ziebert (541-434-9220).

We also see a need for more Divers. If you know of anyone who would be willing to commit to a weekend of diving to help with setup and tear down, we would welcome the help. Please have them call Steve Ziebert.

This is VERY IMPORTANT! We need help and anyone who would be willing to volunteer for us would be appreciated.

Volunteers are a valuable commodity for this club. We appreciate any help that they and you can give us moving forward.

We have one more request to pass on to you as members. Please, if you have anyone, friend or family, with a boat or jet ski, that would like to come and tow for any of the above races, we could use them. Please have them call Mike Grover at the above phone number.

We appreciate any and all help we can get. The more volunteers we get the better as we are also looking for someone to run the top of the Ramp this year.

Thank you!

Your Grateful Board